WWII 121: Yaokai and LGI Homes, Inc.

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Every once in a while, you come across a kindred soul in this world, and I think the guest in this podcast episode is truly a kindred soul. Yaokai is a friend of the show and has submitted a number of great questions through the Ask JB form.


YAOKAI - Investor and Friend of the Show

In this episode we discuss an idea that Yaokai brought to my attention: LGI Homes, Inc. ($LGIH).  I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel. He is thoughtful, detail oriented, and a true gatherer of what Philip Fisher would call "scuttlebutt."

The conversation about this company was wide-ranging and we did end up going off on a few tangents (fun!). 

Books mentioned in this podcast:

Yaokai has a fantastic YouTube video about LGI Homes:

I hope you enjoy this episode and all the tangents.

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