WWII 035: Inside Bill Gates's Stock Portfolio - 13F, What Makes Me Invest In A Stock, Jeremy Siegel Predicts Dow 20,000, Adjustable Rates to Rise

In this episode, I shine the light on Bill Gates personal stock portfolio. This is a type of coat-tailing investing that I would recommend to anyone.

Main Topic: Inside Bill Gate Personal Stock Portfolio

From Bill Gates personal 13F filed June 2016:

There are some clear themes here. John Malone led companies factor heavily in Bill Gates' portfolio, such as LILAC Group and Liberty Global. A second theme is Hispanic focused companies such as Coca-Cola Femsa, Grupo Televisa and Arco Dorados

Some people, through luck and skill, end up with a lot of assets. If you're good at kicking a ball, writing software, investing in stocks, it pays extremely well."

Bill Gates

Ask JB: What Makes Me Invest in A Stock

What makes you invest in a stock? (self.investing_discussion)

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I've been working on a project about the psychology of the stock market. I'm looking at the behavior of different investors in the market. Each investor has his unique ideas about what makes a stock a good stock, but I'm looking more towards trends among similar investors and if there are any relationships to be found.

What things do you look for when buying stocks? What makes you sell? What keeps you from holding, buying, selling?

All help is greatly appreciated! Leave a short description on how you manage your portfolio if you want to help....Discuss with others.

This post is based on the survey I am trying to put together to get a better idea of what factors I need to be looking at for my research. You can find that survey here: https://surveyplanet.com/5820746d215dab46e9c5d5fb

JB Says:

What makes me buy (lots of things make a company attractive, but only a few conditions are important to the ultimate purchase decision.

1. 100% return over five years

2. Margin of Safety

3. Outlook is good

4. Opportunity Cost

What makes me sell

1. Achieved return goals

2. Outlook has changed

3. General market overvalued

4. Management is changing strategy / enriching themselves

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News: Jeremy Siegel Predicts Dow 20,000

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