WWII 029: Inside Warren Buffett's Personal Stock Portfolio, Commissions for Dividend Reinvestment Plan Purchases, Aggressive Investment for Side Income

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In this episode I shine the light on Warren Buffett's personal stock portfolio by walking you through how to find out what he owns (actually what he owned in the recent past) by researching using the Edgar system at the SEC.gov website. Then I walk you through his reported holdings and provide some commentary. Thinking about coat-tail investing? This is a great episode to show you how to get started.

Main Topic:

Here is the link to the 13F-NT form that Buffett uses to provide his "manager code".

Here is the link that shows positions all the "manager" at Berkshire Hathaway have in their portfolios and Buffett is "manager" number 4.

Here is a pdf of the June 30, 2016 form 13F for Berkshire Hathaway.

Ask JB:

TD Ameritrade (self.investing_discussion)

submitted 16 days ago by stet656

So I've got a TD Ameritrade account with a few dividend stocks like AT&T, General Electric, etc. I have them enrolled in the DRIP program and I was wondering if TD Ameritrade charges a commission on the reinvestment of the dividends. I don't have a ton of shares so my dividends will be purchasing fractional shares. I just wanna make sure I'm not getting charged $10 in commission every time it automatically reinvests. Thanks.


Aggressive investment from side income (self.investing_discussion)

submitted 29 days ago by ramanujanankur

I am having secondary income source with some 5000-8000 rs per month.I want to invest it in aggressive investments. so far i am thinking of bitcoins(i can buy fractions of bitcoin).Are there simiar opportunities elsewhere too? I know that i can loose my whole investment but that is fine by me(this is little side income).I have maximum horizon for return about 3 years(this is upper limit after which i will liquidate ). kindly suggest. If you think i am doing totally wrong then too suggest what could i do? but still i want aggressive investment from this amount.

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