WWII 026: Speaker and Side Hustla Jullien Gordon Ted Talk, Idea Generation, Research Resources, Tesla and Solar City

In this episode, I shine the light on Jullien Gordon's Ted Talk about the Side Hustle, the growing trend with millennials who start businesses on the side.

Main Topic:

Find out more about Jullien at julliengordon.com.

Ask JB:

[–]funkalunatic 1 point 5 days ago

What researching resources do you all use to make investment decisions? Sectors, maps, projections, etc.

Question about the SolarCity/Tesla acquisition (self.investing)

submitted 9 days ago by Brandonjking

If the Tesla shareholders vote in favor of the merger, to my understanding a SolarCity share will be converted to 0.11 Tesla shares. If I own an odd number of SolarCity shares, what happens to the example 4 shares i have leftover that don't convert to a full Tesla share?

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