WWII 016: Using the SEC.gov Edgar Database, Types of information, merger arbitrage with currency and ADRs, Penny IPOs, Louis XIII Cognac

Main Topic

Using the Edgar database at the SEC.GOV website to research company and transaction information.

· 10Qs and 10Ks

· S1s for IPOs

· SC TO-T for tender offers

· 13D and 13G for holders

For Thrift Conversions use[6036 and 424b3] in the Boolean search.

· 13F-HR – Institutional investor holdings

Warren Buffett said, when asked if information technology has made investing easier he said “you can find them faster”.

Warren Buffett
Value Investor

Ask JB:

by GoodLifeWorkHard

I purchased two shares of ARMH worth $67.77 each before the company was acquired by Soft Bank. The bank offered a price of 17 British Pound per share which equates to a mere $22.82. However, I don't think that I lost money because it said on ARMH's website that the offer was compelling to shareholders and that it offered a higher premium. I believe that it is referring to ARM-L which is the London-based stock index. ARM-H is the US stock index for the same company. Did I gain any money or lose money? If so, how much did I gain or lose?



by iguessitstakennope

I often read or view stories on BNN of stocks of certain emerging companies beginning their share price of say 1$ a share and in 5-10 years those shares being worth 500 or more. What companies in your opinion have these types of potential today?

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