WWII 012: Jack Gsantner Secret Millionaire, Retirement Number, College Fund or Retirement Fund First, Valeant

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This episode is about Jack Gsantner who created a fortune for himself and his wife that surprised his friends and family. He was a recluse and a bit odd, like everyone who fits into a catagory I call the "Never Sell Club". These are people like Ronald Read the $8,000,000 Janitor who I wrote extensively about.

Ask JB:

FutureMom asks: “Hi JB! I am a professional in my 40's. I have a goal of retiring at no later than age 65(I hope!)...How much money per year would you recommend that I set aside for retirement?


I'm going to start putting $50 a month into an UGMA/UTMA savings account and $50 into a 529 for my newborn daughter before I even open an IRA for myself. Good idea or bad idea?


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