Preferred Stock, Bitcoin, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, First Quarter GDP: WWII Ep 7

In this episode, I break you off a piece about preferred stock, an under-followed, under-appreciated asset class that, at certain times, can represent extraordinary value.

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…it is not sound procedure to purchase a preferred stock at an investment price (e.g. close to par) when the presence of a substantial risk to principal is recognized, but when this risk is expected to be offset by an attractive dividend return. It would follow from this principle that the only preferred stock which can properly be bought for investment would be one which in the purchaser’s opinion carries no appreciable risk of dividend suspension.”

Benjamin Graham / David Dodd
Security Analysis “the Classic 1940’s Second Edition"

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Ask JB :

GeorgeHahn asks: What is your advice for someone who has some money in Bitcoins? I don't need it day do day, but it could be nice for college tuition eventually.

AltoidNerd asks: FNMA, FMCC stocks. Whaddaya think?

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