WWII 004: How Wealth Is Really Created In The Stock Market, Investing in Restaurants, Treasuries Will Fall

In this fourth episode of "What Works In Investing..?" I shine the light on the reality of wealth creation using the stock market.
  • How the underlying force behind successful investing is business performance
  • How owner's earnings are calculated
  • It's persistent growth in owner's earnings that drives increasing stock price for a busines
Seth Klarman
Baupost Group

“The stock market is the story of cycles and of the human behavior that is responsible for overreactions in both directions.”

Ask JB

In the "Ask JB" segment, I answer a great question about buying in to a restaurant posted on Reddit by Seazn.


One of my acquaintance is opening a high end restaurant in the local area and I'm very interested in investing and be a partner in his business. However, I have no finance or legal background and I am here to ask for any advice. Anything is much appreciated!

Here're some facts:

· My friend will be the primary investor, I'll be one of the 3 other major partners

· Right now we are at the early talk phase. I'm fairly certain I want to invest.

· What documentation should I prepare (with a lawyer) for me to ensure that he won't take my money and run away, and that he'll perform his best ability to manage the business?

· The friend has a LLC set up for his business and he's the sole person added on the LLC. Now, should I be asking to be a partner in his LLC? What documentations / legal do I need for that?

Thank you for reading this, and again, I appreciate any information you can provide!


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In the "News" segment, I cover the following article about the outlook for long-term U.S. Treasuries:


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