Nathan Tobik of, co-author of "The Bank Investor's Handbook"

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Nathan Tobik joins me on this episode of the podcast where we talk about how he got involved in the field of investing, what kind of strategies he has used to find ideas, and his popular blog I've know about his blog for six or seven years and recall reading one of his most popular posts about investing in banks.

Nate also breaks down some key strategies from the fantastic book "The Bank Investor's Handbook" that Nate co-authored with Kenneth Yellen, which is a deep dive on various and important aspects of investing in banks, including:


Nate Tobik interviewed on SNN

  • Different approaches investment strategy
  • Different structures and entities
  • How bank financial statements are structured
  • Assessing credit risk
  • Bank mergers and acquisitions
  • Value realization through various catalysts and activisim.
  • And tons more

As you can see from this short list, this amazing book will provide you with a significant amount of value and is so well worth the reasonable price. I personally bought and read the book and I will tell you in all sincerity that it is now an important part of my extensive collection of investing books!

I enjoyed having Nate on so much that the episode ran a bit longer than an hour and I have the feeling we could have kept going for another few hours. 

Later in the episode, Nate shares his experiences looking for value ideas in Japan and brings to my attention 

So, be sure to listen to this episode all the way through because Nate brought his A-game and you will be happy you did.

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