WWII 123: Update on $AVXS Arbitrage and the EBITDA Valuation Method

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Main Topic: Update on $AVXS Arbitrage and the EBITDA Valuation Method

On this episode I give an update on the $AVXS arbitrage that I brought to your attention in episode 122. The company filed a press released announcing that the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act waiting period had expired with no challenge from the regulatory agencies in the United States. The spread subsequently collapsed from 2.5% to less than 1% and therefore the arbitrage opportunity is mostly over.

The rest of the episode is a repeat of episode 57 about the EBITDA Valuation Method. Follow the previous link to see the detailed show notes from that episode.

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Jeremy Scott Bailey is an investor, author, entrepreneur and host of the "What Works In Investing?" podcast now available on iTunes. He is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Burgeón Group, Inc. an investment advisory firm that provides portfolio management services to families and individuals.

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