Common Stocks Uncommon Profits Book Review


When I read that Warren Buffett was a fan of Phil Fisher and his book Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, I immediately ordered it and read it cover to cover. Phil was the master of "scuttlebutt", the seeking out of information about a company's vendors, customers, and products that is not available to the public through SEC filings.

Here is what some very famous investors have to say about Phil's book:

"I sought out Phil Fisher after reading his [book]...When I met him, I was impressed by the man as by his ideas. A thorough understanding of the business, obtained by using Phil's techniques...enables one to make intelligent investment commitments."

Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway

Little known to the public, rarely interviewed and accepting few clients, Philip Fisher is nevertheless read and studied by most thoughtful investment professionals . . . everyone will profit from pondering—as Warren Buffett has done—the investment principles Fisher espouses."

James W. Michaels
Editor, Forbes

As you can see, this book is widely respected and well worth the few dollars to purchase.

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Jeremy Scott Bailey is an investor, author, entrepreneur and host of the "What Works In Investing?" podcast now available on iTunes. He is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Burgeón Group, Inc. an investment advisory firm that provides portfolio management services to families and individuals.

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