WWII 003: $8,000,000 Janitor, Gold and Silver, Stock Splits, Pokemon

In this episode, I introduce you to the fantastic story of the janitor who invested his way to an eight million dollar net worth, Ronald Read.

Ask JB:

In the "Ask JB" segment, I respond to the following questions that were posted on Reddit:

“enchiladasftw writes “since the cost of gold and silver seems to be low right now, does that mean this would be a good time for buying precious metals?”

“variable310 asks”what happened to ITOT? Last week it was $99, today it is $49?"

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In the "news" segment, I talk about the following articles:



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Jeremy Scott Bailey is an investor, author, entrepreneur and host of the "What Works In Investing?" podcast now available on iTunes. He is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Burgeón Group, Inc. an investment advisory firm that provides portfolio management services to families and individuals.

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