22 Side Hustles You Can Start Today With Little Or No Money

Part of what works in investing is to be constantly adding to your asset pile. If you are having trouble saving money and you have already  cut your expenses to the bone, it's time to take up extra work to earn cash to invest. Here are a random selection of twenty-two side hustles you can start immediately with little or no investment.

Harris Poll Online - Fill out online surveys and receive points that you can than redeem for rewards

Opinion Outpost

- Get paid to provide your opinion by filling out their surveys. When they on-board you, they will find out what you like and dislike, and will tailor the surveys to only what is relevant to you. They give you points that you can redeem for various types of rewards.

eBay - Start selling your excess stuff on eBay, then start selling other people's stuff for a fee.

eBook Publishing - Make money by writing your own e-book and self-publishing it on Amazon. Anyone can do this, not just successful authors.

Online Dating Consultant - Are you a matchmaker at heart? Do you have exceptional skills with the opposite gender? You could charge people for dating advice!

Instagram Marketing - Are you awesome at creating a community that follows you? You could charge major brands to talk about their stuff that's relevant and desired by your community.

Be a Plasma Donor - Plasma cannot be made, it can only be drawn...from warm bodies. Be a warm body and sell your blood and make up to $200 per month extra income.

Mobile Oil Change - Get ready to get greasy. People hate having to take their car in just to get their oil changed. Get a container and a supply of motor oil from Costco, and start growing your own oil change business by offering services door to door. Clients will start talking and boom, you are making cash while laying on your back!

Tour Guide - As long as you live in a destination that attract tourists. If you know your city well and tell good stories, you could sign up to be a part-time tour guide.

Fiverr - Do $5 tasks of a short-term relatively quick nature. The better your rating on Fiverr, the more the possibilities for you to advance and get better gigs and higher cash payouts

Sell Your Photos Online - If you take amazing photos that everyone loves, you may be able to sell them on stock photo websites like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia and Bigstockphoto

UpWork - Sell your more advanced skills on this marketplace. Great for web designers, IT, technical writing, customer service, and so on.

Virtual Assistance -  This is a booming market. Virtual assistants work from home, often for an entrepreneur. You can get paid via PayPal by the hour. Entrepreneurs love V.A.s because they get some leverage for repeating tasks.

Editing College Admissions Essays - Do you write well? Do you have excellent grammar? Concerned parents want to ensure their children have the best chance at being accepted by the college of their choice. Colleges require admission essays, and you can sell your skill in evaluating, correcting, and editing college essays.

Rent-A-Friend - Yep, just like it sounds. You rent yourself out by the hour for $20-50 per hour. I highly suggest you bring your friend a can of mace, just in case.

Sell Drinks At Events - If you have every been to a concert or ball-game, you have seen these hustlers selling drinks and dogs along the sidewalk after the big game. Look for big events, go to Costco and buy supplies and refresh someone.

TaskRabbit - Task rabbits are more like handymen and handywomen. Put together furniture from Ikea, shop for someone, install something simple, be a party bartender. Lots of different types of tasks to choose from so you are sure to find something interesting to get paid to do.

Ikea Furniture Builder - If you actually like putting together Ikea furniture, this is a simple way to earn extra cash. Bring your own tools to supplement the weird allen wrench.

Party Promoter: Make some cash by hitting the streets to promote someone's party. Hint, Las Vegas is full of party promoters. Be the man in your hometown and make money off of entry fees, the bar, and food if you get it right. Make your own event if you can. JBpalooza!

Property Manager - Be a landlord. Yeah, you'll have to deal with some undesirables, but at least your rent is free or you are getting paid to do it.

Uber Driver - There is a good reason there are so many Uber drivers now. Be your own taxi company and take everyone for a ride. All you need is time and gas for this flexible way to earn extra cash.

There you go, twenty-two easy ways to pick up some part-time cash. Many of these can be done right from the cozy comfort of your couch with nothing but a laptop.

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