WWII 119: Whitney Tilson Closes Fund, Market Update, Rejecting the Null Hypothesis

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Main Topic: Whitney Tilson Closes Hedge Fund, Market Update, Rejecting the Null Hypothesis

This episode is a little unusual in terms of format. I start the episode by discussing Whitney Tilson, a renowned value investor and hedge fund manager, who closed his fund after 15 years. The next subject I tackle is a quick market update now that we are down 10% from the market peak on the S&P 500.

The back half of the show is a repeat of the topic of episode 37 about using the scientific method in your investment process. Being efficient with looking at ideas is key when there are numerous opportunities like there are in today's market. Volatility is our friend and there is a ton of it these days.

No Ask JB this episode.

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Jeremy Scott Bailey is an investor, author, entrepreneur and host of the "What Works In Investing?" podcast now available on iTunes. He is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Burgeón Group, Inc. an investment advisory firm that provides portfolio management services to families and individuals.

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